Samana Manhattan

Exclusive Offer for a Studio Unit for a Limited Time!


Exclusive Offer for the Last Studio

Original Price: 835,920 AED

Launch Price: 794,124 AED

Full Payment Plan

InstallmentsDate% of PaymentAmount (AED)Amount (USD)
Installment 1Oct-2320% + 4% DLDAED 158,824 $                  43,513
Installment 2Nov-231%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 3Dec-231%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 4Jan-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 5Feb-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 6Mar-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 7Apr-24 (ReSale Option)11%AED 87,353 $                  23,932
Installment 8May-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 9Jun-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 10Jul-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 11Aug-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 12Sep-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 13Oct-246%AED 47,647 $                  13,054
Installment 14Nov-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 15Dec-241%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 16Jan-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 17Feb-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 18Mar-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 19Apr-2511%AED 87,353 $                  23,932
Installment 20May-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 21Jun-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 22Jul-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 23Aug-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 24Sep-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 25Oct-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 26Nov-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 27Dec-251%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 28Jan-261%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 29Feb-261%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 30Mar-261%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 31Apr-261%AED 7,941 $                    2,175
Installment 32May-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 33Jun-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 34Jul-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 35Aug-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 36Sep-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 37Oct-26 (Handover)0.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 38Nov-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 39Dec-260.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 40Jan-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 41Feb-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 42Mar-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 43Apr-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 44May-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 45Jun-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 46Jul-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 47Aug-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 48Sep-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 49Oct-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 50Nov-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 51Dec-270.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 52Jan-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 53Feb-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 54Mar-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 55Apr-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 56May-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 57Jun-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 58Jul-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 59Aug-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 60Sep-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 61Oct-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 62Nov-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 63Dec-280.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 64Jan-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 65Feb-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 66Mar-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 67Apr-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 68May-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 69Jun-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 70Jul-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 71Aug-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 72Sep-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 73Oct-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 74Nov-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 75Dec-290.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 76Jan-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 77Feb-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 78Mar-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 79Apr-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 80May-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
Installment 81Jun-300.5%AED 3,970 $                    1,087
 Grand Total100%AED 794,124 $                    217,568

Samana Manhattan is the upcoming residential beacon of Jumeirah Village Circle. Nestled in JVC District 13, it brings a new dimension to contemporary living. Experience the perfect synergy of comfort, luxury, and convenience with its luxury studios to one-bedroom apartments.

Crafted with modern aesthetics and functional design, Samana Manhattan features a rooftop pool, advanced gym, and serene gardens. Benefiting from its strategic JVC location, it ensures easy access to Dubai’s key hubs, making it an excellent choice for families and professionals. Elevate your lifestyle with the elegance of urban living at Samana Manhattan.

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Quality community

198 residential units!

The project includes 71 studio units, 68 one-bedroom apartments, 52 two-bedroom apartments. The building has a lobby floor (G), a parking floor (P), 16 residential floors. Each unit has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony with a pool. Each unit also has a private parking space.

3 Years Until the Key Handover!

Samana Holding Ltd is one of the companies with the fastest development speed in Dubai.

Easy access to all points in Dubai

Short distance to all possible destinations

Dubai Marina

16 minutes by car

Burj Khalifa

20 minutes by car

Global Village

20 minutes by car

Dubai Airport

30 minutes by car

JVC is a perfect place for families

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a flourishing community offering a blend of serene living and urban convenience. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, JVC provides residents with a tranquil atmosphere and access to essential amenities. With parks, schools, and retail centers nearby, it caters to families and professionals. Its strategic location allows easy connectivity to major road networks, including Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, making commuting seamless. Enjoy a community designed for balanced living, combining green spaces with modern convenience, and experience the true essence of comfortable living in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Location on the map

High return potential!

How can you make a profit from investing in the project?

Rental income

Rent prices in Dubai have jumped by 28.5% in the past year alone. A quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with parks, schools, and shopping areas will always attract families, couples, and individuals looking to rent a studio or apartment for the long term. You can use a property management company to take care of all the maintenance and management. You just have to sit back and relax.

Resale after key delivery

Dubai's population, which currently stands at 3.6 million (an increase of 1.4% in one year), continues to grow steadily, with the number expected to reach 5.8 million by 2040. More and more foreigners are moving to Dubai and looking to buy a ready-to-move-in apartment.

Flip deal

The developer company allows you to sell the property during its development phase after paying 30% + 4% to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). You don't have to wait for the development to be completed in December 2025. You can sell it after a year for a higher price.

Investment for living in Dubai

If you buy a property worth more than $205,000, you can get a residence visa simply because you have a property in Dubai. Many people do this because of the high standard of living, low crime rate, and opportunities that Dubai has to offer for workers and business people.

Full guidance from a professional agent throughout the purchase process

An easy and swift
purchasing process!

#1 Choosing the Right Unit
We help you select the best unit in the project based on your budget. Whether it's a studio, 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartment, floor level, view direction, building layout, or area size – securing a unit with optimal parameters ensures maximum future returns.
#2 Reserving the Unit
Send us a photo of your passport to reserve the unit for 24 hours. During this time, you can make an initial payment of 20,000 AED to continue holding your unit until the contract is signed. It's recommended to pay using a credit card through the link Samana Developers will provide you.
#3 Signing the Online Contract
You'll receive an email from Samana with a link to the online contract. You can sign it remotely, even without coming to Dubai. Later, you'll receive another message with the fully signed contract, which you can download and save.
#4 Making the Down Payment
Transfer the 25% + 4% DLD down payment minus the initial payment (if paid). Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, credit card, or with the assistance of specialized payment transfer companies. We have experience and solutions to make the payment process smoother for you.
First Step
Second Step
Third Step
Fourth Step

Payment Solutions Selection

Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer to Samana Developers' bank account.

Credit Card Payment

Payment via credit card through the link provided by Samana.

Cash Payment

Cash can be directly handed over at the developer company's offices.

External Company

Transfer to a local bank account of Covercy company.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Transfer of payment using digital currencies.

Interest-Free Payments for 7 Years

Payment Plan

25% + 4%
Down Payment and DLD
1% each month
Second to Sixth Installment
Seventh Installment
1% each month
Eighth to Twelfth Installment
Thirteenth Installment
1% each month
Fourteenth to Eighteenth Installment
Nineteenth Installment
1% each month
Twentieth to Thirty-First Installment
0.5% each month
Thirty-Second to Eighty-First Installment
First Month
Months 2-6
Month 7
Months 8-12
Month 13
Months 14-18
Month 19
Months 20-31
Months 32-81

Leading projects with availability of units for investment

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About The Developer

Samana Developers

Samana Developers is one of the fastest-growing private developers in Dubai, focusing on delivering high-quality products at an affordable price point that maximizes returns for investors.

The Samana Group of Companies, comprising over 10 companies with a strong global presence, is synonymous with quality, consistency, and professionalism. With Samana Developers’ award-winning track record, the company is poised to make a significant difference in the real estate world.

The group has been owned and led by Amran Farooq for 24 years, a prominent figure in the Dubai real estate and business community. The company boasts an excellent track record, numerous awards, accolades, and frequent mentions in the local press.

Responsible for 12 real estate investment projects in Dubai, Samana Developers consistently delivers projects on time, meeting investors’ expectations in terms of development quality, timely completion, competitive prices, and convenient payment plans. The company’s innovative and unique concept of private pools on balconies significantly enhances the value of its assets and ensures higher returns for investors.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a property, you pay a one-time fee of 4% of its price to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). You do not pay any taxes on profits when you decide to sell the property. The entire return on the property’s appreciation is yours!

Several payment options are available for purchasing a property in the Samana Manhattan project. You can pay in cash, use cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or make a bank transfer. In Dubai, there is no limit on the amount of cash, and there is no need to declare the source of the funds. Important: the payment goes directly to the construction company and not through the real estate agent!

Yes, definitely. When you purchase the property, you become the owner of the property and the land forever until you decide to sell it. In 2006, the government approved full ownership for all foreigners in 33 free trade zones in Dubai. After completing the registration of the property at the Dubai Land Department (DLD), you will receive a deed of ownership of the property directly to your email address.

The funds you transfer to the construction company are held in an escrow account with bank support, ensuring the safety of investors’ funds until the property is delivered. In Dubai, there are strict government oversight, control, and enforcement mechanisms in place to fully protect investors’ funds. You do not need to open a bank account or get involved in the matter as everything is handled by the construction company.

No, there is no need. In Dubai, there is a uniform property purchase contract for all construction companies, which cannot be changed.

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